The Importance of Picking Yourself Up

Due to a hectic week last week, where I had deadlines to meet, for university and for art projects I broke my streak of writing and posting content for at least once a week. While this may seem insignificant to some (in retrospect, it is just one week!) to me it holds a lot of significance not because I missed one post, but has a deeper meaning for me. Instead of getting discouraged by the fact that I didn’t keep up with my goal I’ve decided to turn it into something productive and positive by writing about it.

Whenever I would start something new, a habit or a new skill, I would fall into a pattern: I would start by keeping it up well, be on track with it and put a lot of effort into it and everything would be great. I start to feel positive that I can change and nothing could possibly go wrong.

Something goes wrong.

This could take in the form of life getting in the way, lacking creative drive or even, missing a goal or failing to meet a milestone. After missing to do a habit for a day, this starts to pile up and one day becomes one week and so on until I stop doing it altogether.

I am the type of person who easily gets discouraged when one thing doesn’t go the way I want. When this step happens, everything becomes undone and I am back to square one. I start to think that I’m not cut out for. Due to this way of thinking, I have given up a lot of good habits over the years and tend to think that maybe, maybe if I kept going instead of stopping at the first sign of difficulty, I would have accomplished something by now.

Surely, I’m not the only one out there that’s like this. To you, who gets easily discouraged and who believes that you will never change because that’s just how you are, this is for you.

You are not alone. My message for you, and everyone today is that it’s ok to fall short of our goals, as long as we pick ourselves up and continue. It is easy to feel discouraged and think that we are incapable of changing for the better. This post is a reminder for myself and for everyone out there who has felt or who currently feels this way, that it’s ok to miss that one day in the gym, to miss that one post, to miss doing that positive habit.

Life gets in the way at times, sometimes the things that happen are out of our control and it is completely normal to put things aside for a bit. What’s important is that we constantly make an effort to change and that we pick ourselves up and carry on, as soon as we can. I’ve learned from this that I need to manage my time better and to set a reminder for myself to write, otherwise I will forget. Hopefully, this will prevent me from forgetting to update the blog and thinking about things this way has motivated me to do better.

By picking ourselves up whenever we fall down, we learn all the things we can improve and become better. Whenever life gets in the way, we must see the good in the situation and see what we can learn from it and carry on straight away.

The Question Of The Post: When you’re knocked down, what do you do to pick yourself back up again?


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4 thoughts on “The Importance of Picking Yourself Up”

  1. I had to realize this in college, too. I used to beat myself up over missing out on habits or not doing something I know I should do, but that just isn’t productive or healthy. I have to constantly remind myself that if I miss something, or don’t make a goal, it’s okay. I just also have to recognize whether I did or didn’t put my best effort in and adjust accordingly. Humans aren’t perfect but if we have the mindset of trying to better ourselves, we will eventually get there.

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  2. A brilliant post, and it’s so true. I have often beat myself up over falling short of my goals, but the important thing is to keep at it. When I stop it is so daunting to think about starting again, as it seems like a bigger task than it was while I was doing it. So to pick myself up, I do the easiest, smallest thing (like a quick blog post to say “I’m still here”), so that I can see it’s not that difficult to start again.

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